Business Taxes

15356343_sFor businesses, nothing is more daunting and intimidating than filing taxes. Whether it is your first year or your fiftieth, taxes are a chore that you shouldn’t have to worry about, especially since you’re most likely wearing several hats as it is. We can take the hassle and worry off your shoulders by taking care of your business taxes for you.

Hiring a Certified Public Accountant that is a member of a reputable firm, like Buchanan & Associates, is your best bet to avoid all the issues that can arise from trying to file your business taxes yourself, including:

  • Missed deadlines – These can cost you thousands of dollars in fines if you miss a deadline, even a single day late.
  • Incorrect filings – Tax paperwork can get very confusing. Form 940, form I-9, Form W-4. There’s a form for everything. Are you certain you’re filing the right form? If not, filing it incorrectly can cause costly delays and cause serious issues with deadlines and fines.
  • Costly mistakes – Checking the wrong box might not seem like a major mistake, but when it comes to the IRS it could be the biggest you make all year. Our CPAs check, double-check, and triple check every filing before it goes to the IRS.

If you’re ready to make the right choice and check the right box, contact Buchanan & Associates, your Nashville business tax accountants, for a consultation.